Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation January 14, 2020

Staying Ahead of the Curve in APAC Through the Channel

Carlo Nizeti,

One of the most exciting aspects of business in the Asia-Pacific region is the diversity of countries, the variability in legislative needs, the country-specific security threats, and the wide variety of resellers and customers across the region.

With so many factors at play, each country in the region has a unique demand for technology and how it is consumed. For example, some countries in APAC are focused on cost reduction while others are heads down keeping up with changing legislation or addressing skills shortages.

That said, one common theme across all countries that make up “APAC” is their demand and desire for disruptive technologies that address security and legislative challenges without adding more technical debt and complexity. This is where Illumio has been fulfilling a critical need across our customer base for some time.

Since joining Illumio in 2019, I have been genuinely impressed with the companies track record for helping and delivering real results across the unique and varying security challenges across the region. Organisations like Cathay Pacific, Yamaha, Bank of East Asia, The New South Wales Government, and QBE have all adopted the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform to prevent breaches, bolster the security of business-critical ‘crown jewel’ applications, and understand their applications with a level of detail they never thought possible.

The Story So Far

I am drawn towards technologies that disrupt complexity and add real value to customers and partners. Illumio is a classic example of both, and the staggering 300 percent customer growth since expanding into Asia-Pacific in 2018 is proof of the technologies capabilities and the customers demand of unique solutions to traditional problems.  

It is with this growth and continued momentum that I am excited to have joined the team to develop, support, and enable our Asia-Pacific channel community. You can read more in our latest press release here.

My desire is to partner with industry leading value-added resellers who bring the ability to combine local knowledge and longstanding customer relationships with the radically different approach to cybersecurity that our existing customers have already realised.

I firmly believe that through partnering with Illumio, resellers across the region will be able to easily ensure their customers have a robust and capable security platform from day one, without compromising their project timelines or availability.

Throughout 2020, we will be setting up and building our formal channel operations in the Asia-Pacific region, with an initial focus on Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I am personally very excited to work with the value-added reseller communities to enhance their go to market offerings and help them thwart the ongoing global cybersecurity crisis without the complexity associated with traditional security platforms.

That said, I do acknowledge for some resellers this shift to cybersecurity will be new, while others will have a long history in the deployment of traditional network-based offerings. It is with this in mind that we have developed a comprehensive partner program to ensure our resellers have the skills needed to be successful. It also should go without saying that our team has a real desire to work with our partners to ensure their customers benefit from all the rich features and capabilities our platform delivers.  

The only thing we have to figure out is when they want to get started!

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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