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January 24, 2018

Micro-Segmentation for the Modern Era: An Illumio Product Review

Technical Marketing Engineer

Anand spent several years working directly with customers to deploy Illumio and now brings his in-the-trenches expertise to the technical marketing team.

VMs, containers, bare-metal servers — oh my.

As applications are increasingly taking advantage of innovations such as virtualization, cloud computing, micro-services and containers, traditional security solutions dependent on physical and logical network boundaries are failing to adequately secure east-west communication.   

Review: Micro-Segmentation with Illumio has Justin Warren from PivotNine taking a hands-on approach to evaluate the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform. His review helps contextualize the challenges modern organizations face today when embarking on a micro-segmentation strategy, explaining how Illumio simplifies the complexity and provides the situational awareness to implement an effective security solution.  

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