February 10, 2020

Cloud Hopper: A Zero Trust Perspective

Field CTO

Raghu Nandakumara is a Field CTO at Illumio based in London, UK, where he is responsible for helping customers and prospects through their segmentation journeys.

Cloud Hopper, the hacking campaign suspected to be orchestrated by government-sponsored Chinese operatives (affectionately known as "APT10”), ran from 2014 through at least 2017, and impacted multiple Western companies in a range of industries. This specific collection of cyber espionage was so significant that it continued to attract attention in both the security and business media due to the scale of the operation, the range of organisations targeted, the type of information harvested, and – most significantly – the very nature of the initial breach. Cloud Hopper achieved its now well-known name due to the attackers’ compromise of the victims’ managed service providers (MSP), leveraging these to "hop" from the MSPs’ "cloud" to the target enterprises’ networks.

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