November 7, 2018

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's...Supercluster!

Director of Product Management

Tim is an accomplished product management leader with 16 years of experience in enterprise software and networking. He leads platform product management for Illumio Policy Compute Engine.

Large organizations often have data centers located in different geographic regions. Distributed data centers allow these organizations to locate their applications close to their customers and employees, comply with data residency requirements, and provide disaster recovery for their critical business applications. The adoption of public cloud is making it even easier for organizations of all sizes to distribute their workloads across multiple regions. For example, AWS now spans 18 geographic regions around the world.   

We’re excited to introduce PCE Supercluster to provide full visibility, centralized and federated management, and consistent enforcement of micro-segmentation policies across multi-region infrastructure – at very large scale. This post explores the key requirements for securing multi-region infrastructure and why we designed PCE Supercluster with a federated architecture.

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