Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation February 7, 2020

Stowe Stops the Spread of Security Epidemics with Illumio

Katey Wood,

It's like a fast-spreading epidemic through your IT – and your business. How do you stop malware infections, and other threats that move laterally between applications, from becoming a crisis?  

Australia’s oldest and largest private electrical contractor, Stowe, builder of data centers for the Fortune 100, turned to Illumio. Stowe’s IT team chose Illumio Secure Cloud for more granular segmentation of its own data center, led by Group Technology Officer Karl Houseman.

"When something compromises the network internally, Illumio is the best. Anti-virus is not enough. A hacker is not a virus – that's a user, essentially on your internal network. How do you stop them? Illumio is cheap for the peace of mind it gives." 

A century after replacing gaslight with electricity for clients, Stowe now constructs next-generation “Smart” buildings with IoT elements – across a greatly expanded attack surface. As a trusted provider of critical IT infrastructure, ensuring preventive data protection for clients is paramount to Stowe’s team. "We're putting on services monthly, if not weekly, to support field staff. You can't maintain segmentation at that rate using firewalls, you need something dynamic.” 

Illumio Secure Cloud gives Stowe Zero Trust assurance in preventing the spread of breaches, with micro-segmentation that is faster, simpler, more secure, and more cost effective than re-architecting the network – or keeping up with firewalls. 

“Illumio looks at the application level as opposed to a hard-wired IT level. It ensures segmentation with IT and port-based rules, but it performs the discovery and mapping and intelligence behind it, independent of the infrastructure. 

Beyond segmentation, Illumio Cloud provides Stowe visibility across its data environments for troubleshooting port communications diagnostics and performance testing, as well as communicating cross-functionally with business stakeholders. “Illumio is an easy product, very intelligent, and easy to explain to CFOs, CEOs, and MDs who aren’t technically minded. Risk mitigation is on their agenda as well.” 

But just because you can maintain your own world-class IT infrastructure doesn’t mean you have to. Stowe trusts Illumio Secure Cloud for its simple deployment, ease of useand its 24/7 managed service, including upgrades & cloud PCE monitoring system. 

"We don't have a 'cloud-first' policy; we have a best of-breed policy. We build data centers and own our own infrastructure – we can rack and stack – but there was no advantage to us running it internally. Illumio's cloud solution is maintained, it's always on the latest version, and it made far more sense."  

Learn more about Stowe’s success with Illumio Secure Cloud in their customer story.

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Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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