Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation June 1, 2021

Achieve Greater Cyber Resiliency for Your Federal Agency with Zero Trust Segmentation

Mark Sincevich, Federal Director

On the heels of President Joe Biden’s recent Executive Order (EO), Illumio partner IBM Security announced plans to create a new cybersecurity center in Reston, VA that will help “federal agencies address current and future cybersecurity threats.” Amongst other features, the center will oversee workshop demonstrations on a variety of topics to show how innovative technologies and practices can be implemented for both public and private organizations.

One planned workshop will center around adapting to a Zero Trust world and will showcase how IBM users can leverage technologies like Illumio to meet their Zero Trust goals. The Illumio App for IBM QRadar provides access to critical data center and cloud visibility for SOC teams so they can quickly isolate attacks and see potential compromises from an application security perspective. Illumio and QRadar together make it easier for teams to protect data center and cloud environments, and adopt a Zero Trust architecture within their organizations.

Section 3 of the EO states, “To keep pace with today’s dynamic and increasingly sophisticated cyber threat environment, the Federal Government must take decisive steps to modernize its approach to cybersecurity, including by increasing the Federal Government’s visibility into threats, while protecting privacy and civil liberties.  The Federal Government must adopt security best practices; advance toward Zero Trust Architecture; accelerate movement to secure cloud services, including Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS); centralize and streamline access to cybersecurity data to drive analytics for identifying and managing cybersecurity risks; and invest in both technology and personnel to match these modernization goals.”

What’s more, the EO outlined an aggressive timeline by which federal agencies must make these changes and adopt a modernized, comprehensive approach to cyber resiliency. So, where should they start?

Illumio was founded on the principles of least privilege and Zero Trust—the idea that traffic between users, apps, clouds, containers, endpoints, mission computers, data centers and networks cannot be trusted without authorization and continuous verification based on real-time information from multiple sources. Today’s attackers, whether individual actors or nation-states, will find a way into your agency, if they’re not already there. Detection and response, a reactive approach to security, is not sufficiently protecting organizations and agencies from becoming the next headline-breaking news. That’s why we believe in a proactive approach to resiliency, and why we are helping agencies operationalize the EO with Zero Trust Segmentation. This will stop the lateral movement of the next cyberattack.

To learn more about how to streamline security operations with Illumio and IBM QRadar: read this blog or visit our partner page.

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Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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