Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation December 5, 2016

Machine learning and cybersecurity, and President’s commission report

Nathaniel Gleicher,

Four things I'm reading this week:

This Week in Cyber

  1. Is Machine Learning the New Cyber? In the last couple of years, the cybersecurity market has transformed into a maelstrom of competing companies, approaches, and technologies. If buzzword frequency is any indicator, “machine learning” is just as buzzy as cybersecurity. This new “market map” eliminates any doubt – hundreds of companies are categorized into dozens of categories, creating a dizzying array of competitive and complementary offerings.

    Even though “machine learning” and “behavioral analytics” are pretty hot terms right now in cybersecurity, the map only includes a tiny handful of security companies.  As the froth heats up in machine learning and cybersecurity, it will be interesting to see what rises to the top. I’m reading: “Machine Intelligence 3.0."

  2. President’s Commission on Enhancing Cybersecurity Releases its Report: After 60 days of feverish work, the President’s commission has released its report on cybersecurity. The report is intended to provide a blueprint of recommendations for the Trump administration, and hopefully sparing the new officials from having to start from ground zero as the first Obama administration felt it had to.

    The report includes dozens of recommendations, many of them highly tactical, and identifies steps that the new administration could take within its first 100 days. Interestingly, it calls for a substantial increase in the authority of the President’s chief cybersecurity coordinator, all the way up to an Assistant to the President, reporting only to the National Security Advisor and the President himself. I’m reading: “Commission on Enhancing National Security: Report on Securing and Growing the Digital Economy.”

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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