Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation July 31, 2017

Starting with a Clean Slate: Securing New Data Centers with Adaptive Segmentation

Chris Westphal,

If you were starting with a clean slate, rolling out a new data center from the ground up, what would you do? What choices would you make compared to what you've done in the past? How could you use new approaches to be more efficient?

That's exactly what one top SaaS customer was faced with.

ill_blog_header_featured_use_case_v4B.jpgTHE CHALLENGE

In their case, it was two new data centers and the requirement to prove they had proper segmentation in place to secure customer data in order to hit a tight timeline to go live. They also had their eye on the future and wanted a solution that wouldn't add unnecessary administrative overhead while having the ability to scale with them in the future. A tall order.

They quickly realized that the old way they did things (i.e., high capacity firewalls) wouldn’t scale. The mound of required firewall rules alone made them go in search of another way. That’s not to mention the cost of acquiring the firewalls needed to meet their capacity needs.


Find out how this customer used adaptive segmentation to skip buying new firewalls, saved millions, and reduced rules by over 90 percent while meeting their security requirements and deadline to go live. All of that – and they found a solution that will grow with them into the future. 


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Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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