December 4, 2015

Digging Deeper: Application Migration (Part 2)

Jimmy Ray Purser,

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As we continue on through the Illumio Stargate, we punch up our DHD for Disaster Recovery and then move on to one of our more common tasks: moving applications between environments. This could be stuff like application life cycle management or auto scaling workloads for seasonality. Heck man, it could be anything that causes a change to application security.

Digging Deeper with Jimmy Ray Purser

Before we shot this video, I thought disaster recovery was going to be a stretch with the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP). Turns out, I really underestimated the power of Illumio's RAEL labeling system. (RAEL refers to a workoad's Role, Application, Environment, and Location.) Keep an eye on this throughout the video to see the true multidimensionality of having such a flexible system. Then consider how long would it take to do the same thing without the ASP.

To finish up this two-part series, I jump into a more common task of moving apps through their development life cycle, so from DEV to PROD, etc. We all know someone that self created a RGE (Resume Generating Event) by allowing unauthorized access to an asset OR by turning off a service without knowing exactly what it connected to at the other end. Just take a look at your firewall rules and check out the last time they were updated. I’m an engineer, too, so I’m a big believer in “If it ain’t broke…”



Topics: Adaptive Security, Data Center Operations

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