Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation May 12, 2021

How Investa Built Up Cyber Resilience and Confidence with Micro-Segmentation

Heather Bates, Sr. Content Marketing Manager

As one of Australia’s largest commercial real estate companies, Investa manages over $11 billion in assets, earning the company its reputation for high-quality services and performance. Continued growth is a cornerstone goal for Investa’s portfolio, underpinned by the mission to “help workplaces thrive.” But to ensure that, Investa had to shore up its IT environment and the critical applications that keep the business humming.

With a growing number of cyberattacks and ransomware threats targeting commercial real estate, Investa’s IT team knew they had to adopt an “assume breach" mindset, address lateral movement risks, and build up cyber resilience in the cloud and data center. And when the risk from a small number of legacy Windows servers with known but non-patchable vulnerabilities became too high, the team sought micro-segmentation to mitigate that risk – and get the visibility and control they lacked. 

Read their story to learn how Illumio Core helped Investa achieve these security objectives and beyond – driving collaboration and confidence across the organization.

According to IT Operations Manager Nathan Powell:

"To do this same project using firewalls would have meant manually remapping how the network was operating, and even then, it wouldn’t have been true micro-segmentation. Plus, it would have been a bureaucratic mess. Illumio Core has allowed us to fully control what lateral traffic is allowed without having to use another firewall."



Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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