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July 20, 2018

Transforming Illumio Technical Documentation

Technical Publications Manager/Writer

Katherine manages the technical publications team at Illumio, a small doc team with over 50 years of industry experience who create content that supports Illumio customers.

What drives companies to transform their technical documentation? It’s a big effort that can take two to three years and cost millions of dollars. To put it into context, after a multi-year project, Microsoft introduced the new portal in 2016. Phase one of their portal provides content for the Enterprise Mobility products, which are just a fraction of the Microsoft software. Porting all Microsoft content into the site will take years to achieve and potentially cost millions. 

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June 28, 2018

Why This Former Pentagon Security Strategist Made the Move to Illumio

Head of Cybersecurity Strategy

Jonathan is a seasoned cybersecurity strategist. He's been at the forefront of international security policy and now leads Illumio's public cybersecurity policy engagements and research.

Cyberattacks can be difficult to detect, assess, and mitigate – and the consequences of a breach can be significant for a company’s bottom line or for the overall economic and political health of a country. Consider just three recent historical and well-known cyberattacks and their consequences.

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April 6, 2018

Getting the Most Out of RSA 2018

Head of Security

Terence is an experienced security professional of more than 20 years. He drives Illumio’s security strategy and leads efforts to monitor and respond to threats, vulnerabilities, and security events.

Attending RSAC 2018? I’m making plans to attend and have been thinking a lot about what past experiences have been the most impactful, from peer networking to the emergence of new technology each year. The conference has come a long way since including headshots on your passes and hosting in San Jose. Following a two-year RSAC hiatus and now in a new role as Head of Security at Illumio and Board Member of the Austin Chapter Cloud Security Alliance, I’m raring to return and sharing some of my thoughts on how make the most of your days at the show.

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RSA Conference, micro-segmentation

March 30, 2018

Illumio Insights Podcast - Episode 7: Extending Active Directory to Segmentation

Head of Product Marketing

Chris helps customers understand benefits of and connect with Illumio solutions. He heads up the product marketing and technical marketing teams at Illumio.

This time around, Darren and I dig into what we like to call: LADGMFAUS – A.K.A. Leveraging Active Directory Group Membership for Adaptive User Segmentation.  

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March 9, 2018

Illumio Integrates with Splunk to Improve Security Operations Response Time

Head of Product Marketing

Chris helps customers understand benefits of and connect with Illumio solutions. He heads up the product marketing and technical marketing teams at Illumio.

Illumio adaptive micro-segmentation technology is quickly becoming a foundational part of the security stack and an essential tool to protect applications running in data center and cloud environments. As we see customers roll out the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) to protect more parts of their application environments, we also see them extend Illumio to more teams across their organization  like the Security Operations Center (SOC) teams who rely on tools like security information and event management (SIEM) to monitor environments for alerts and anomalies.

Illumio's integration with Splunk gives SOC teams the ability to quickly identify potentially compromised workloads and enables Illumio administrators to be able to monitor the health of the Illumio solution.

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Adaptive Security, Security, Adaptive Segmentation