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Illumio Wins Remote Tech Breakthrough Award

Team Illumio, Editorial Staff

The whole world went remote, and cyberattacks have skyrocketed ever since. Between the SolarWinds, Exchange, and NAME:WRECK attacks (amongst others), it’s become painfully clear that our dependence on perimeter security has failed us.

Last year, enterprises spent $173 billion on cybersecurity alone, and still, we’ve had more breaches than at any other time in history – some of the most catastrophic of all time. Despite these security failures and terrible outcomes, many continue to take the same approach to cybersecurity today as 20 years ago.

If we’ve learned anything being remote this year, it’s that business resiliency is synonymous with cyber resiliency. Especially with employees working remotely, the cost of shutting down after a cyberattack can be devastating.

A cyber incident, or an initial breach, is inevitable. It’s how an organization protects itself after that initial breach that that demonstrates its level of cyber resilience.

There needs to be a paradigm shift in the way we protect our most critical data, whether employees are on campus or remote. Simply put, the days when prevention and detection alone saved your agency, business, or organization are gone.

Illumio Supports and Secures Remote Employees

With this in mind, we’re pleased to share that Illumio was recently recognized as a winner of the Remote Tech Breakthrough Award in the Overall Remote Work Security Solution of the Year category.

In June of 2020, we launched Illumio Edge, which goes beyond perimeter security to prevent the spread of malware and ransomware after an initial compromise. That means if one laptop in your organization gets infected with malware it cannot spread to the other laptops. Without this kind of protection, malware can easily jump from one laptop to 100 or 10,000 laptops – quickly becoming a business resiliency problem. Illumio Edge stops ransomware at the first laptop every time.

Perhaps the greatest testament to our innovation is that Illumio experienced unprecedented business growth and success in 2020 amidst the global pandemic. In February 2021, we announced historic corporate momentum, reporting the highest number of new customers within a fiscal year, with greater than a 100 percent increase in international annual recurring revenue (ARR), and a quarter (Q4) that was the strongest in company history.

With Illumio Core and Illumio Edge, organizations are better equipped to achieve a Zero Trust security posture needed to address today’s complex cybersecurity challenges, all of which have only been amplified by a rapidly distributed workforce.

With employees continuing to work remotely throughout this year (and, for some, indefinitely or even permanently), the need for scalable security at the corporate, private, and federal levels has never been greater, and Illumio is uniquely positioned to help combat and conquer remote and hybrid security challenges in this new normal.

We’re thrilled to be honored with this recognition and we look forward to continuing to help leading organizations meet the demands of today’s globally dispersed businesses.

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