Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation January 16, 2018

Micro-Segmentation for the Modern Era: An Illumio Product Review

Anand Ghody,

VMs, containers, bare-metal servers — oh my.

As applications are increasingly taking advantage of innovations such as virtualization, cloud computing, micro-services and containers, traditional security solutions dependent on physical and logical network boundaries are failing to adequately secure east-west communication.   

Review: Micro-Segmentation with Illumio has Justin Warren from PivotNine taking a hands-on approach to evaluate the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform. His review helps contextualize the challenges modern organizations face today when embarking on a micro-segmentation strategy, explaining how Illumio simplifies the complexity and provides the situational awareness to implement an effective security solution.  


Paper Excerpt

Applications can span physical systems in multiple network zones, in multiple data centres, even multiple clouds. Using a firewall/chokepoint approach becomes unwieldy as service connections are forced to route via arbitrarily provisioned choke points instead of connecting from service to service in a clean way. The application-centric approach from Illumio helps the network and security teams to get out of the way of the application without compromising the security of the system.


Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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