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RSA Conference Highlights: New Approaches for Today's Cyber Threats

Charlie Bedell, Senior Content Marketing Specialist

The world has changed for cybersecurity.

This was a major topic for attendees at this year’s RSA Conference, which took place June 7 - 9 at San Francisco's Moscone Center.

During the last two years, organizations have shifted to increasingly hybrid, distributed IT infrastructure models, which have opened up all-new cybersecurity vulnerabilities and risks. Meanwhile, we have seen one devastating cyberattack after another reach news headlines.

As a result, security teams are looking for new tools and technologies that are purpose-built to protect organizations from this next generation of cyber threats.

At RSA, Illumio's pioneering approach to preventing security breaches from becoming cyber disasters resonated with attendees. To learn more about how Illumio is helping organizations respond to today's cybersecurity reality, we've assembled a collection of some highlights from the event.

The "assume breach" mindset

With news of another breach almost daily, governing boards are asking security leaders to create greater cyber resilience for their organization. Gautam Mehandru, Illumio’s vice president of product marketing, shares more about the conversation at RSA between Illumio's CTO and co-founder PJ Kirner and Splunk's global security strategist James Young. They discussed how today’s security landscape calls for an “assume breach” mindset, granular segmentation of hybrid infrastructures, and a step-by-step Zero Trust strategy. 


The time is now for Zero Trust Segmentation

In this clip, Illumio’s chief evangelist Nathanael Iversen explains how Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation is helping organizations modernize their security defenses.  


Cloud security is a top concern

With organizations migrating to the cloud more than ever, Erika Bagby, a senior product marketing manager at Illumio, discusses how many organizations are underestimating security threats from cloud computing and what they need to do about it.


Fighting ransomware

Many attendees we spoke to worried about ransomware – and for some, there is an urgent need for a solution to prevent ransomware from spreading. Faraz Aladin, Illumio’s senior director of product and technical marketing, shares a story about one of the largest school districts in Canada that's facing a ransomware reality check first hand.


Protect from ransomware and stay cyber resilient with Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation: 

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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