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The Time Is Now to Better Secure Endpoints for a Hybrid Workforce

Katey Wood,

As the world begins to open, many businesses with employees who sheltered in place for over the last year face a return to the workplace. As this transition gets underway, there are a few uncertainties to consider in terms of your security infrastructure. How do we know what’s been happening on users’ private home networks? And what might they be bringing back to the office with them?

In a survey we conducted with VIB, we found that the main tools IT teams rely on for remote endpoint security continue to be the VPN (47%) and EDR (43%) – both of which are critical tools, but do not provide Zero Trust access. In fact, the VPN allows full access to the campus network, and EDR relies on time to detection to prevent threats, which can leave a gap with unknown zero-day or modified threats.

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As we have learned to cope with “ransomware snow days” working remotely, we could now encounter full “ransomware ski weeks” if employees spread malware back to the office when they return to the campus network. In an increasingly hybrid work world, with rotating employees and a return to global travel, the threats will only increase.

How is your organization preparing as the world shifts to a hybrid model? Our recent webinar is a great starting place as you begin the transition – use the information to benchmark your organization’s endpoint security approach.

If Zero Trust sounds too good – or too hard – to be true, you’ll gain insights into how Illumio easily and efficiently brings Zero Trust to the endpoint. Tune in to:

  • Learn how to stop the spread of ransomware like Ryuk from becoming a mass infection, prevent attackers from conducting network recon in a “living off the land” attack, and even contain zero-day threats to a single endpoint.
  • See our simple three-step process that gives full visibility into endpoint communications to prevent business disruption as you move into policy enforcement – no blocked flows or user connection issues.
  • Understand how to troubleshoot network traffic issues coming to your endpoints from outside the corporate network.
  • Learn how to complement your EDR with Illumio Edge from CrowdStrike, compatible with your Falcon agent and available now for trial in the CrowdStrike store.

Navigating back to the office comes with challenges, but the first step forward is getting the knowledge you need to bolster your cybersecurity posture. Ensure you have visibility into your endpoint traffic no matter where users may be working and can protect your campus network downstream when employees return to the office.

Be sure to watch our Securing Remote Endpoints in a Hybrid Workforce webinar and check out our survey results to gauge your enterprise’s benchmark and transition back to the office with confidence.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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