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Geek Game Review—Star Wars: Imperial Assault

Jimmy Ray Purser,

I love games. Card, video, board—heck, it really does not matter. I prefer video games, but something fun and challenging is always a hoot! I started to get into fantasy board games after visiting Orc’s Nest in London. My wife and I went there to learn how to play D&D, but got hooked on Firefly instead. (We still have no clue how to play D&D.)

Recently, we started playing Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Jimmy Ray's Tech Log

Just after the Death Star is blown up by some goober from Tatooine, the parts and pieces rain down on Yavin. The remaining Imperial troops are out to avenge their fallen comrades by kicking some massive rebel butt out of the Outer Rim.

There are multiple story missions and side missions. Basically, one person is the Empire and up to four others are the rebels against that Empire player. The Empire player basically acts as the Dungeon Master. This game is mainly dice driven, whereas Firefly is more of a card-driven game.  Here is a pic of our game currently in progress:


There are three of us playing—me, my wife, and my 19-year-old son.

I found the game tough to learn. Remember, I do not know how to play D&D and just got introduced to story-driven board games, so it may just be me being a goober. The game includes a “Getting Started” mission guide of a tutorial mission to learn basic movements. It was OK, but what really helped us was watching Nathan Butler’s three-hour (I know, right!?) video on how to play the first mission. He does an excellent job of explaining the mechanics of the game. We watched the video all the way through, then played the first mission (Aftermath) with his video on the iPad for a reference.

After we finished, we played that mission one more time and now we are off and running. Unlike Firefly, where you start a game and finish it, Imperial Assault is a character game where you keep building up your hero as the story moves along. So if you lose a mission, it does not matter until the end. It takes time to learn, but is worth it for sure.

I rate Star Wars: Imperial Assault 4 Daedric Warhammers out of 5.

—Jimmy Ray


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