March 25, 2020

Zero Trust is Not Hard...If You’re Pragmatic

Field CTO

Raghu Nandakumara is a Field CTO at Illumio based in London, UK, where he is responsible for helping customers and prospects through their segmentation journeys.

A few weeks ago, Dark Reading’s Rob Lemos discussed reasons why, despite acknowledging the obvious security benefits, organisations and their security practitioners are hesitant to implement a Zero Trust model. The overarching concerns are that brownfield environments have too much technical debt that needs to be overcome in order to achieve Zero Trust status, and thus it can only be applied to net new environments (what we often call ‘greenfield’, typically as part of some cloud migration). Further, organisations assume that benefits can only be realised once everything has been “Zero-Trust-ified” (if indeed such a state exists  that there is no in-between state on the road to Zero Trust that is both beneficial and achievable. 

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cybersecurity, zero trust