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Transforming Illumio Technical Documentation

Katherine Morgan, Director Technical Publications

What drives companies to transform their technical documentation? It’s a big effort that can take two to three years and cost millions of dollars. To put it into context, after a multi-year project, Microsoft introduced the new portal in 2016. Phase one of their portal provides content for the Enterprise Mobility products, which are just a fraction of the Microsoft software. Porting all Microsoft content into the site will take years to achieve and potentially cost millions. 

TEST ill-blog_hero_image_Product-Documentation_v1C-SS-Bkgd-2Every year companies tackle lengthy, expensive, daunting projects to improve and modernize their customer information experience. Despite the effort, cost, and time, tech companies are realizing the importance that quality product documentation plays in ensuring customer satisfaction.

Redesigning Illumio Docs to be Accessible 

Providing users with an online version of your technical documentation is fast becoming a requirement for good customer service. The rallying cry for tech companies is "get it out of the vault!" Far too often, technical documentation is gated content. Easy-to-access technical content is key to customer satisfaction and successful product usage.

It’s important to Illumio that we modernize our technical documentation. Over the upcoming year, the Illumio doc team will be busy creating version 2.0 of the Illumio information experience – a public-facing documentation portal with a new information architecture, using a new authoring process to provide a modern user experience.

By delivering state-of-the-art documentation for public consumption, Illumio customers will have access to our product information like never before. 


It’s not enough to have a modern, easy-to-use documentation portal if the content isn’t truly useful for customers. Great technical documentation allows customers to leverage the potential of your product.

In addition to a new web content portal, we will focus on expanding our library of technical documentation, reorganizing existing content to align with user experience, and adding new material that achieves these goals:

  • Documents business scenarios and customer needs
  • Focuses on answers and real-world narratives
  • Responds to customer usage and feedback

Preview: The First Two Guides

Our first two guides are on the Illumio Virtual Enforcement Node (VEN), a lightweight agent that runs inside application workloads:


We will continue to make more guides publicly available until we roll out our new public Illumio doc portal. Your feedback would be a great help in this effort. If you’re interested in the future of the Illumio technical documentation, watch this space or send me an email.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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