Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation December 15, 2017

Securing Enterprise IoT Management Application in the Public Cloud

Janani Nagarajan,

A major electronics company in the unified communications space were investing in developing their customer-facing SaaS application using a public cloud environment. Focused on their IoT technology, they were looking to deploy a management SaaS application for the very first time to gather business insights about customer experience.

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With the decision to move to a cloud environment, they were looking to speed up time to application deployment and leverage the cloud for storing and processing huge data sets for business intelligence. The decision was compounded by the fact that they wanted to have a truly global application, spanning multiple regions. It came with a unique set of challenges:

  1. Lack of visualization techniques for mapping application dependencies in public cloud environments
  2. Security concerns regarding customer data privacy and meeting enterprise security standards
  3. Lack of dynamic and granular security controls to complement speed of application development and deployment


With patented, software-only architecture, the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP) provides live application dependency mapping and a range of segmentation options, including micro-segmentation, for a variety of formats in both data center and cloud environmentswith no dependency on the underlying infrastructure.

How does Illumio ASP work? Imagine that a firewall already exists in front of every server, virtual machine, container, or network port in your data center and you could manage all of them simply and automatically at scale. That is what adaptive micro-segmentation provides. 

The ASP highlights data center and cloud environments' application workloads and flows, creating a relational graph between components and visualizing relationships across the organization’s application environment. This helps to understand risk, aid in segmentation policy creation, and meet compliance regulations.  

The solution constantly monitors and manages the company’s environment for potential policy changes or security violations as the dynamic infrastructure grows, shrinks, and morphs to meet customer needs.

In this case, the Illumio ASP helped with the ability to provide the right level of segmentation across their entire environment, spread across multiple geographical locations in the public cloud, and could provide protection as virtual machines were dynamically added and removed. All this was achieved without compromising any sensitive customer or company data.  


Illumio ASP was deployed to help protect their key business-critical SaaS application hosted for the first time in a public cloud environment. Key benefits included:

  • Ability to visualize and assess risk for their business critical global SaaS application running in public cloud.
  • Adaptive segmentation policy creation that helped keep up with their highly dynamic and changing cloud environment without compromising application availability.
  • Leveraged granular segmentation controls that could be instrumented in matter of weeks without relying on error-prone static security configurations in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Met enterprise level security standards for protecting sensitive customer and company data.

Illumio provided the company a transformational approach to aid their journey to the cloud for hosting their flagship IoT management application. The full potential of the cloud could be harnessed with the right level of enterprise security requirements.  

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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