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You Need More Than Visibility For Segmentation

authorMay 17, 2017

Every category of 'enterprise IT solution' seems to have some component of visibility. It's a "must-have" to do just about everything, from optimizing applications to deploying capacity to improving security. But when it comes to data center and cloud security, visibility alone is not enough. 

As we've seen with many approaches to micro-segmentation, old ways have been used to try to address new challenges. Many of these approaches come from the perspective of the network and fall shortHaving a view of the network between your applications doesn't provide the right context to understand relationships and risk. The network view also doesn't help application teams that increasingly need to participate in the security discussion.

You need an application-centric view of the environment to provide context around applications and their components, including a better understanding of relationships and dependencies.

Learn more about why visibility is critical and what visibility you should be looking for in a segmentation solution in Nathanael Iversen's latest videos

Why Visibility Is Important for Adaptive Segmentation

Visibility You Need for Adaptive Segmentation


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