Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation June 28, 2016

Visualization 2.0 at Nutanix .NEXT

Bryan Pelham,

Last week, #TeamIllumio participated in the Nutanix .NEXT conference. We had a chance to talk about the unprecedented visibility enterprises can achieve when using Illumio ASP to secure their invisible infrastructure.

Illumio at Nutanix .NEXT

While we were there, our chief commercial officer, Alan Cohen, participated in a live taping of theCUBE. He spoke to Dave Vellante and Stu Miniman about what enterprise boards will look like in 10 to 15 years, where security fits in the infrastructure layer, and what’s going on with Illumio (Hint: Everything, all the time).

Watch the video here:

I was able to spend some time each day staffing the Illumio booth, where I had the opportunity to talk with the people responsible for managing the IT infrastructure. Here are three key learnings from those conversations:

  1. Choice is essential. They run a mix of infrastructure from different vendors and want the flexibility to choose the right solution for their needs. One size does not fit all.
  2. Change is the norm. They want infrastructure that can automatically adjust to these changes so they can spend less time on mundane tasks and more time on high-value activities core to their business.
  3. The focus is application-centric. The role of the infrastructure is to provide services for applications. The infrastructure needs to “just work” so they can focus on managing the applications essential to running their business. 

Illumio and Nutanix were built to satisfy these needs for the modern data center. With Illumio and Nutanix, users can:

  • See a live, interactive map of all application traffic across their data centers and clouds;
  • Identify and securely migrate applications from legacy data centers and private or public clouds to Nutanix XCP without changes to infrastructure or applications;
  • Take advantage of zero-touch security services that detect and automatically adapt as workloads are moved by Acropolis App Mobility Fabric for load balancing and disaster recovery; and
  • Auto scale security to hundreds of thousands of servers with distributed enforcement at each workload—with no additional infrastructure or traffic steering.

You can learn more about these capabilities in the Adaptive Security for Nutanix solution brief.

We also extended a free offer to .NEXT attendees to find out what is really going on inside their data center and cloud. I invite you to register for the offer here.

Adaptive Segmentationmicro-segmentation
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