August 19, 2016

This Week in Cyber

Nathaniel Gleicher,

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Four things I'm reading this week:

4 Things In Cyber

  1. Autonomous Vehicles Watch—Naval Edition: The Navy is apparently considering crewless ships. This does a nice job of combining the complexity of autonomous shipping (also imminent) and autonomous weapons systems. Worth watching to see where this goes. I’m reading: “Crewless Ships in the Navy: Not If, But When.

  2. Shadowbroker's NSA Leaks and What It Means for the Vulnerabilities/Equities Process: The recent online disclosure of a series of purportedly NSA tools refocuses recent debates about how many vulnerabilities the government should retain, and how it should decide whether to hold or disclose them. If nothing else, it makes it absolutely clear that any vulnerability could get out. If the government is weighing whether to disclose or retain, it must be with a clear-eyed acceptance of the risks if that vulnerability is leaked. I’m reading: “Opinion: NSA hack reveals flaws in White House zero-day process.”

Topics: Adaptive Security, Illumio News

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