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Get Reliable ROI with Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation

Learn why Illumio gives a far more reliable ROI on your investment than traditional security tools.
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How Brooks Uses Illumio to Stop Ransomware from Running Rampant

See why Brooks chose Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation to ensure reliability for their retail and ecommerce businesses.
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10 Reasons to Choose Illumio for Zero Trust Segmentation

Find out how Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation makes it easy to stop the spread of cyberattacks across your hybrid networks.
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Responsible for Security? Now Is Your Time.

Last Friday, I attended the White House Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection Summit at Stanford University. Event...

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I Can See Clearly Now: Shan Sinha, CEO and Founder of Highfive

In the latest episode of Illumio's Tailgating Security podcast, hosts Alan Cohen and Matthew Glenn speak with Shan Sinha...

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The Firewall, a brief history of network security

To really understand the security landscape we’re living in, we need to put it in the context of what’s been happening...

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Data Center Cybersecurity 80-20 Rule

This article was originally published on SC Magazine.For much of the IT industry, 2014 was the year of the hack...

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Illumio Names Denis Maynard SVP of Sales

SUNNYVALE, Calif.—Feb. 9, 2015 (BUSINESS WIRE)—Illumio announced today that Denis Maynard has joined the company as...

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Rebel with a Cause: Justin Dolly, CISO of Jawbone

Tailgating Security hosts Alan Cohen and Matthew Glenn spoke with Justin Dolly, chief information security officer of...

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Metcalf's Law and the Vulnerability of Connectivitay

Long before computer networks became ubiquitous, Ethernet inventor Robert Metcalfe understood clearly how powerful...

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Alert Fatigue: When Your Security System Cries Wolf

A few years ago, a major debate ensued between the residents in my town and its police department. The city had just...

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State of the Union Advice to President Obama

Dear Mr. President:We are all anticipating the State of the Union address tonight. The Constitutional requirement to...

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Take a Listen: Illumio Joins the Virtualization Security Roundtable

Illumio was the special guest on last week’s Virtualization Security Roundtable podcast.Illumio executives Alan S. Cohen...

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Security and the Three Phases of Computing

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Illumio's Tailgating Security podcast. In this episode, hosts Alan Cohen and Matthew...

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Security As Code

The year 2015 is off to a running start, with DeveloperWeek around the corner and an exciting lineup of tech meetups to...

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