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Firewall Rules Getting Out of Hand?

Doing security segmentation with firewalls is time-intensive, costly, and quickly becomes unmanageable. Before you know it, you have thousands of firewall rules that need to be updated every time a change is made. Illumio allows you to write your segmentation rules in natural language (not IP addresses), so you can build your security segmentation policy with a business lens, not a network lens.

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The Undelivered Promise of SDN

The use of SDN technologies to segment the data center is complex to deploy, operate, and manage. SDN solutions cannot scale across physical and cloud environments, not to mention they give zero visibility into application environments. Illumio's Adaptive Security Platform works across all environments (physical, on prem, cloud, etc). With our Application Dependency Maps, you can model, test, and enforce your segmentation policy without any effect to the network. Check out how we compare to SDN solutions such as VMware NSX and Cisco Tetration

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Change is Hard. Delayed Change is Harder

Traditional segmentation solutions tie segmentation policy to fixed network infrastructure. But, modern data centers are not fixed. VMs, applications, containers — they are all in constant motion, and they all need to be secured to protect the business. Decoupling security segmentation from the network allows security to move at the speed of business.

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Find out how one of the world's largest SaaS players segmented with 40 Illumio policies instead of 15,000 firewall rules and cut hardware costs by $10M – increasing the security of two new data centers.

"Illumio has allowed us to segment with amazing speed, flexibility, and scalability. It’s helped us serve our customers and protect their data in a way that would have been very complex and expensive with traditional segmentation or security solutions."

These industry-leading enterprises use Illumio for faster, simpler, and safer segmentation and workload protection.

Customer: Morgan Stanley
Customer: Salesforce
Customer: BNP Paribas
Customer: Oracle + Netsuite
Customer: Quicken Loans
Customer: Plantronics

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