Fowler Packing Grows Security Posture with
Micro-Segmentation from Illumio

Gaining real-time visibility and control to reduce their attack surface



Industry: Agriculture

Environment: Three on-premises data centers

Challenge: Finding a micro-segmentation solution for lateral (East-West) traffic, and securing their environment from threats including potential inherited risk from vendors

Solution: Illumio Core for its micro-segmentation capabilities and control of and visibility into data center traffic flows

Results: Enhanced security posture; superior ease of deployment and use; peace of mind that their workloads are protected at all times

Customer Overview & Challenge

Millions enjoy the fruits of Fowler Packing Company’s labor every year in the United States. As one of the largest growers, packers, and shippers of fresh produce, handling over 20 million boxes annually, Fowler Packing has maintained a reputation for quality and innovation since its founding in 1950.

Like any prolific business, remaining a leader in the industry means being innovative when it comes to cybersecurity and information technology. IT Director, Joe Duran, knew that his team had to be better prepared for a world ripe with risk of cyberattacks – especially with outside partners and vendors accessing servers on the corporate networks from within their premises.

For Joe, this meant finding the right tool to lock down their most valuable applications and workloads and minimize their attack surface. “We use firewalls for North-South protection but needed a micro-segmentation solution to secure East-West traffic. We didn’t want to make a heavy investment in more hardware with the ‘put more firewalls everywhere’ approach to attempt to achieve that.”

As a lean IT team wearing many hats, the solution also had to be easy to deploy and maintain, without slowing down performance.

Illumio Solution

Joe chose Illumio Core™ (formerly ASP) and led the team on a fast track to success. Partnering closely with Illumio’s professional services and project management from the get-go proved invaluable, as Joe explained:

“The Illumio team was very hands-on, streamlined our process, and provided top-notch support. With their help building policies, it took just three weeks to be fully up and running in test mode, which was key to visualizing and confirming policies against traffic flows. Within another few weeks, we moved into enforcement with confidence that it wouldn’t disrupt performance.”

Fowler also selected Illumio Core for its native enforcement capabilities. The ability to leverage their existing Windows firewalls to enforce policies further validated Joe’s choice over the alternative: the tedious work of manually programming firewall rules for segmentation.

While Illumio Core met their initial key requirements in short order – a lightweight, easy-to-deploy solution for East-West segmentation – the small team has found immense added value in the power of the real-time application dependency map.

“Illumio has changed the way we look at security. A significant reason for this is the visibility the map gives us into different traffic patterns, from the 10,000-foot view of our environment down to the workload level,” said Joe. “We can’t achieve that with any other tool. And the visual assurance makes it easy to add workloads, maintain segmentation, and identify any issues.”

What’s next for Joe and team? They plan to leverage Illumio Core’s SIEM integration for additional security and operational insights into their Illumio-secured environment.

Customer Benefits

Enhanced security posture

The combination of real-time visibility and control over East-West traffic has been instrumental in reducing Fowler’s attack surface and in the team’s ongoing efforts to consistently improve their security posture.

Deploy easily, breathe easier

Close collaboration with Illumio’s professional services and project management teams ensured a swift and smooth deployment, with testing before enforcement that instilled lasting confidence in Joe and team.


Our plant runs 24 hours a day, and Illumio Core gives us round-the-clock peace of mind. We can walk away at the end of the day knowing that our workloads are protected while outside partners and vendors work in our environment.
This control gives us confidence and a crucial layer of security that we were missing before Illumio.

Joe Duran, Director, Information Technology