Global Financial Services Firm Secures Brownfield Migration to New Data Center with Illumio

Leading bank implements real-time visibility for safer, simpler, and more cost-effective security that follows the workload wherever it goes.


Industry: Financial Services

Environment: 33,000 workloads that need to be migrated from a brownfield environment to a new data center

Challenge: Secure migration without breaking applications

Solution: Migration with Illumio Core™ (formerly ASP) to view application dependencies and build effective policies with ease

Results: Safer, simpler, and more cost-effective security for granular environmental separation, as well as high-performance IT tracking with a more accurate configuration management database (CMDB)

Customer Overview & Challenge

One of the largest banks in the world sought to rapidly modernize aging IT systems that run the bank’s critical infrastructure. The bank’s board of directors consequently approved a $1B data center revitalization, creating an opportunity for blank-slate security transformation in a greenfield data center deployment. As a result of the board’s approval, the CIO decided to re-platform and migrate 5,000 applications with 33,000 workloads.

An aging infrastructure running on older operating systems posed systemic risk to the bank’s ongoing operations. In addition, there was a lack of staff who understood how those applications actually worked.

Simply migrating the status quo to a new environment created unnecessarily high IT risks in cybersecurity, resiliency, and obsolescence, posing a threat to the business with board-level scrutiny.

Illumio Solution

Status quo security through the network was not considered an option, despite a large investment in traditional infrastructure providers. The bank experimented with virtual firewall appliances but they lacked the required visibility. They also tried using manual (handwritten) diagrams and flow charts to determine the application flows, but realized the people who’d written many of the applications were no longer working there.

The Head of Infrastructure Engineering lobbied for a standard platform to address the long-standing problem of aging IT systems and establish a new culture of higher performance and agility without putting IT infrastructure reliability at risk. Migrating to the new data center with Illumio Core helped the team achieve the project goals. They were able to conquer cyber risk with segmentation, establish visibility from the start, and gather data necessary to build and maintain a new, accurate bank-wide CMBD.

Customer Benefits

Gain real-time visibility to design safer security

The bank uses the intuitive real-time application dependency map to segment environments and build effective policies, eliminating inflexible constructs like VLANs, zones, overlays, subnets, or IP addresses.

Tackle vulnerabilities with ease

Security teams were enabled to view highly exposed workloads and remediate an attacker’s potential lateral pathways.

Instill high performance IT

The IT operations team was able to clean up and maintain CMDB data integrity.