Illumio ASP Micro-Segmentation

The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)TM delivers live visibility and micro-segmentation that works on anything (virtual machines, bare metal, and containers), anywhere (data center, private or public cloud) by activating and centrally managing the native security controls in the workload. Illumio does this for the world’s largest, most demanding computing environments—with no dependency on the network or hypervisor.


Illumio ASP



VMware hypervisor micro-segmentation

Native bare-metal micro-segmentation

Native third-party hypervisor micro-segmentation

Micro-segmentation works across all data centers and clouds (e.g., AWS, Azure, Google, hybrid cloud)

Supports any combination of environmental, application, and service segmentation

Infrastructure agnostic

Uses native enforcement of workload’s operating system

Leverages policy library for Microsoft Active Directory

Delivered on premises or via SaaS



One-click IPsec

Security Policies


Security policies move with workloads between data centers in minutes

Test/sandbox security policies before they are enforced

Process-level enforcement of policies

Cuts provisioning time

Live Visualization


See live application traffic flows and dependencies across any data center and cloud

See, and be alerted to, policy violations across data center and cloud