Maximize your endpoint security with Zero Trust

Illumio Edge is SaaS-based and quick to deploy and scale in a remote work world. And it’s less expensive than a cup of coffee, per laptop per month.
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Give your laptops the Zero Trust edge

Easily add Zero Trust to employee laptops with Illumio Edge.
See how it helps you go from zero-day to save the day.


Meet Bob. He’s just like one of your remote
employees who spends hours a day hard at
work on his laptop.


He’s completed your org’s cybersecurity
training with flying colors. His AV software was
recently updated. And you’re on the other side,
working hard to protect employee endpoints.
You have patch management tools and endpoint
security like NGAV and EDR in place.


But Bob’s human – and one distracted
download later, his laptop is suddenly patient
zero. As with many attacks these days, this
zero-day bypasses AV undetected and is
well situated to wreak havoc across your org.

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Bob’s story doesn’t have to end the way
you’d expect. This is where endpoint
Zero Trust with Illumio Edge can help.
Check out this video to see how.

Stop the spread of ransomware
and malware at the first endpoint

Illumio Edge brings Zero Trust to the endpoint by blocking all unnecessary network communications between endpoints. This dramatically reduces the risk of ransomware spreading from laptop to laptops to headlines. WannaCry, NotPetya, TrickBot, and Maze? Illumio Edge would have blocked each.

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