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Pied Piper Selects Illumio Sub-Atomic Segmentation 
to Protect Middle-Out Compression Algorithm


SUNNYVALE, Calif. — April 1, 2016  Illumio, the Ever-Adapting Security Company that enables organizations to protect stuff and is the top distributer of cool T-shirts, today announced that Pied Piper, creator of the market-leading compression algorithm, has selected the Illumio Adaptive Security Platform as the key security technology for deployments in integrated multi-platform environments. 


Both companies have suggested the partnership will most certainly positively impact the planet. “A middle-out compression algorithm secured by sub-atomic segmentation has the potential to reduce global file problems by 110%,” said leading analyst firm Forrest & Garten. “We are recommending that all of our clients buy both companies’ products.”


Pied Piper’s “middle-out” algorithm is revolutionizing the Internet by making files smaller. Illumio’s Sub-Atomic Segmentation capability can “ringfence” the algorithm in a force field of virtual steel. Although the Illumio management team first confused “middle out” with the Oakland Raider’s recovering offense, the company’s crack engineering team rapidly pivoted the platform for some seriously small computing.


“I know middle-out. No one knows middle-out better than me,” said Ehrlich Bachman, Pied Piper Board Member. “Illumio’s protection for middle-out is the coolest thing since Aviato.”


Not to be out quoted, when Illumio Co-Founder and CTO PJ Kirner was asked what this partnership means to customers, his answer was:



The two companies celebrated the partnership over a case of Lemon Cayenne Hint Kick™ that fell off a truck on the way to Hooli’s campus, and a foosball tournament.


Go-to-market activities are expected to start in Q4 of 2025. The joint solution’s pricing is currently under review by Russ Hanneman, who suggested it better have 3 commas.


About Illumio

Illumio delivers adaptive security for every computing environment, protecting the 80 percent of data center and cloud traffic missed by the perimeter. The company’s Adaptive Security Platform™ visualizes application traffic and delivers continuous, scalable, and dynamic policy and enforcement to every bare-metal server, VM, container, and VDI within data centers and public clouds. Using Illumio, enterprises such as Morgan Stanley, Plantronics, Salesforce, King Entertainment, NetSuite, and Creative Artists Agency have achieved secure application and cloud migration, environmental segmentation, compliance, and high-value application protection from breaches and threats with no changes to applications or infrastructure. For more information, visit or follow us @Illumio.


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