Segmentation Templates

Instantly secure critical off-the-shelf applications with
tried-and-tested Segmentation Templates.

Segmentation Templates are pre-tested and validated policies that provide all the segmentation rules needed for common enterprise applications, including the following:

Microsoft Active Directory Microsoft Exchange Microsoft SharePoint Microsoft System Center Microsoft SQL Center

Segmentation Templates eliminate the need to build your own policies—instead, you can use tried-and-tested policies for well-known existing applications.


Accelerate provisioning of segmentation rules for Windows applications

Illumio has leveraged best practices from the Microsoft Developer Network to understand the services and processes that enterprise Microsoft Windows applications use to communicate. Our resident Microsoft Certified Professional team took those best practices to create Segmentation Templates that allow you to protect critical applications such as Active Directory.

When you install a Segmentation Template, the Policy Compute Engine (PCE) web console automatically adds the necessary policy objects, such as Services, Rulesets, and Labels, to allow the communication required for that application. Security and application owners are able to prevent security gaps, especially as the environment changes and policies can be quickly deployed in minutes.

Avoid common security gaps associated with dynamic processes and ports

Microsoft environments must accommodate a range of dynamically used ports for remote procedure call (RPC), and networking-based solutions often leave open an entire range of ports, effectively creating a gaping security hole. The PCE is process and service aware. Using Segmentation Templates in your Microsoft environment will create and program process-level segmentation rules so that only specific paths and processes will be used by the server instead of dynamic ports.


"Illumio made it possible for us to move workloads from on-prem to the Azure cloud and then to the AWS cloud easily and not compromise any of the security for our Windows workloads."

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