How to Secure National Assets with Segmentation

Federal Government IT leaders are challenged with three big pain points: modernising IT infrastructure by migrating to public clouds; improving cyber resiliency; and, more recently, securely and reliably enabling employees to work remotely

To make matters worse, most government organisations are stuck on applying patching – considered a basic security principle, but not always easy to do in practice – and need help ‘containing the holes’ of unpatched systems with vulnerability maps.

Watch this webinar with industry security experts and Illumio thought leaders to learn how segmentation is a proven mitigating strategy that allows you to gain visibility across distributed environments, shut down the attack surface, and reduce exposure of your most critical assets.

You'll learn:

  • How to prevent lateral movement attacks and secure your high value assets;
  • How a Zero Trust model is sustainable for federal government;
  • How government leaders can patch systems and contain holes with vulnerability maps;
  • What Common Criteria ‘Certifications and Regulations’ need to be met; and
  • ‘Must-do’ steps peers have taken to validate solutions that meet their requirements.





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