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Global 250 Bank Deploys Illumio for Faster, Scalable SWIFT Compliance

Find out how a Global 250 bank addressed SWIFT compliance requirements with easy-to-deploy micro-segmentation that ensured consistent security across their SWIFT environments.

Customer Story

Baillie Gifford Maintains Audit-Ready Status Through Security Segmentation

Find out how UK asset management firm Baillie Gifford gained cross-environment visibility and audit-ready reporting to build client confidence that data is securely locked down.

Customer Story

Fast-Growing SaaS Company Protects Two New Data Centers with Illumio

Find out how one of the world's largest SaaS players cut hardware costs by $10M+ and increased the security of two new data centers. 

Customer Story

Ixom Achieves Secure Segmentation Across Environments with Illumio

Find out how Ixom, chemical industry market leader in Australia and New Zealand, implemented default-deny segmentation to prevent unauthorized access to critical systems and limit vulnerabilities and risk exposure.

Customer Story

Fortune 100 Healthcare Service Manages Critical Divestiture with Illumio

Find out how a major healthcare service company employed a real-time map and segmentation to secure their data center assets after selling a part of their business and associated infrastructure to a foreign entity.

Customer Story

Global 50 Bank Undergoing Digital Transformation Secures Containers with Illumio

Find out how a top multinational bank secured containerized applications while maintaining the speed required for a competitive business edge.

Customer Story

SaaS Giant Secures High-Value Assets at Scale with Illumio

Find out how potential crisis turned to opportunity when security segmentation was decoupled from the network, enabling improved DevOps.

Customer Story

SaaS Provider Transforms Security Automation in New Data Center

Find out how a major SaaS provider securely future-proofed their technology stack and scaled automation to meet customer demands.

Customer Story

Fortune 500 SaaS Player Finalizes Acquisition with Illumio

Find out how a top SaaS company successfully integrated systems under board-level scrutiny, without compromising performance or security.

Customer Story

Q&A: Oak Hill Advisors – A "Frictionless Approach" to Cybersecurity

CISO Sajawal Haider discusses why Illumio's visualization and adaptive segmentation create a "frictionless approach" to data center and cloud security.

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