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Security Objective You Need to Focus On

What security objective should be top of mind for security teams today? Illumio’s Neil Patel and Dan Gould discuss – along with sure-fire approaches to succeed.

Product Datasheet

Illumio and Splunk Integration

Get a deeper look at the features and functionality of Illumio's integration with Splunk, keeping SOC teams on track with the ability to see and understand what is happening in the data center and to take action in a click.


Illumio's Three Stage Zero Trust Plan

Find out how to align to Forrester’s framework for Zero Trust and minimize your attack surface, improve visibility, reduce complexity and cost, and strengthen your overall security to protect your business from data loss and cyber breaches.

Research Report

The State of Security Segmentation

This report summarizes the results of a survey of over 300 IT professionals conducted by Virtual Intelligence Briefing (ViB) to understand how companies segment today and what difficulties they face.


Workloads and Applications: What's the Difference?

"Workloads" and "applications" – you need to segment both to effectively reduce your data center attack surface. Do you know the difference between them? Illumio TME Neil Patel will walk you through it in under 60 seconds.


Lateral Movement in 90 Seconds

Lateral movement. Two words that are synonymous with "breach" these days. What exactly is lateral movement? And how do you stop it from happening? Illumio's Neil Patel and Dan Gould "take 90" to explain.


PCI Compliance with Illumio

Watch this video to learn how Illumio Core™ can help you scope your PCI environment and implement segmentation quickly, reducing your audit burden and making your QSAs happy.

Customer Story

AmLaw 10 Firm Aces Client Security Audits with Illumio

Learn how a top law firm segments across environments, including Azure, to stay audit-ready for its client base in highly-regulated industries.


Security Segmentation for the Modern, Agile Data Center

Learn why more and more organizations are hitting a wall with traditional segmentation solutions like firewalls and SDN and adopting host-based segmentation that fits today's business.


Why Is Illumio Better Than a Firewall?

See how firewalls and Illumio stack up when it comes to cost, timing, risk, complexity, and change.

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