Secure Beyond Breach

Chapter 9


Building a Defense-in-Depth Strategy

In this book we have outlined the core principles and detailed steps required for an organization to implement a micro- segmentation strategy. It starts with leadership at the executive level and with hiring smart leaders to drive innovation across the organization, bringing together key teams and preparing the organization for success.

Along the way, your team needs to swallow the green pill of metadata to facilitate labeling and security management. From there you can identify your most important applications, especially those which have regulatory requirements, and begin the project – starting with early wins and avoiding the temptation to “boil the ocean” and secure all applications at once. In setting policy, you make choices about what matters most for your organization, taking a risk-based approach to the policy decision process. Specific choices need to be made regarding public cloud and containers. Finally, you plan for sustainment.

Cybersecurity can be daunting to those that don’t understand it well. Success starts with a strategy. The good news is that, unlike threats in other arenas such as terrorism, organizations can take steps on their own to change their terrain, upend the adversary’s map of the world, and keep intruders from accessing the most important data.

The cybersecurity story has evolved over the last decade. It moved from a limited domain, affecting only coders and computer scientists, to impacting all of us. As the threat has grown worse, smart people have run toward solving hard problems. Top-tier talent have entered the field; teams have developed and learned how to operate in complex environments, from security teams at global financial institutions to the evolution of U.S. Cyber Command. The market has also evolved and cutting- edge security technologies are now available to organizations.

Leaders can drive significant change by deploying micro-segmentation within their new security stack of investments. Micro-segmentation is a wise strategic choice and a key enabler of a defense-in-depth strategy.

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Secure Beyond Breach

Building a Defense-in-Depth Cybersecurity Strategy Through Micro-Segmentation


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