Secure Application Migration    


Enterprises undertake application migration projects that involve moving new or existing applications to public clouds, moving to new data centers, or consolidating data centers. Security considerations often slow down these application migration efforts as enterprises have little or no visibility to application traffic or control over the network in cloud environments. This lack of control forces them to implement security architectures and policies that are very different from those used in the private data center.


The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform (ASP)™ secures applications before, during, and after migration across any data center or cloud infrastructure. Since security policies do not depend on the underlying network, policies do not have to change as application workloads migrate between environments.


Secure Apps in Public Clouds without Rewriting Policies 

Illumio ASP secures new applications in the cloud with security that moves with every application workload to any public cloud (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.).

  • Visualizes real-time interactions between application workloads in the cloud.
  • Enables security teams to visually model and test application security policies within the cloud environment before enforcing.
  • Fuses security with orchestration tools such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible, and continuous delivery models using REST APIs.
Secure Apps in Public Clouds Use Case screenshot

Secure Hybrid Infrastructure with Uniform Security Policies

Illumio ASP simplifies hybrid cloud deployments and the partial migration of applications between data centers and clouds.

  • Provides uniform security architecture and policies across all computing environments.
  • Ensures secure auto scaling of application workloads.
  • Encrypts data in motion (IPsec) by policy between Linux/Windows application workloads within and across untrusted networks.
Secure Hybrid Infrastructure Use Case screenshot

Securely Consolidate or Expand Data Centers in Half the Time

Illumio ASP provides complete visibility to workload interactions within applications and simplifies security when enterprises integrate newly acquired businesses, set up disaster recovery sites, or expand to colocation facilities.

  • Discovers applications and their traffic flows to aid inventory, understand security gaps, and plan integration tasks.
  • Security follows application workloads, and enforcement rules automatically adapt as applications migrate or computing environments change.
Securely Consolidate Data Centers Use Case screenshot

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