Illumio's pre-populated Segmentation Templates enable you to immediately secure critical Microsoft Windows applications, including: 

Microsoft Active DirectoryMicrosoft ExchangeMicrosoft SharePointMicrosoft System CenterMicrosoft SQL Center


Why Use Segmentation Templates?

Imagine you are securing a Microsoft Active Directory implementation. The large dynamic port range makes it nearly impossible to lock it down with traditional networking technology and forces a decision: open a large hole in your firewall or risk impacting application functionality. 

Illumio Segmentation Templates allow your Domain Controller team to secure your Active Directory environment and find the balance between security and application functionality. Segmentation Templates can be applied in minutes without requiring the security teams to change the network and test policy, which usually takes days or weeks depending on the workload of the teams.


Illumio Segmentation Templates — tested and validated by Windows and Linux architects — eliminate the research and guesswork involved in trying to understand the complex communications networks inside and between applications.



Benefits include:

  • Preventing security gaps created in firewall rules and switch ACLs from “fat-fingering.”
  • Eliminating the need to change the network or infrastructure.
  • Automating Illumio administrative activity with scripts, orchestration platforms, or custom built tools leveraging the Illumio API for tight integration with existing workflows.
  • Integrating with 3rd party SIEM solutions to extend Illumio to current logging, alerting, and troubleshooting workflows.
  • Securing workloads in the cloud, data center, or hybrid environments.
How to Build a Micro-Segmentation Strategy

How to Build a

MIcro-Segmentation STrategy 

Use this guide to create a rock-solid micro-segmentation strategy in only five steps.

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