Segment and Secure Your Environment With One Policy

The separation of development, staging, test, and production environments using traditional network solutions is a challenge, or even an impossibility, for organizations with significant assets spread dynamically across heterogeneous data centers as well as public and hybrid cloud environments.


The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP) meets the challenges of separating and securing environments with one simple policy through micro-segmentation—without any dependence or impact on the underlying application infrastructure.



Simplify administration

Isolate environments such as a specific data center, application, development, PCI, and/or production with a single, declarative natural language policy.

Streamline and automate policy recommendations

Separate environments in minutes with automated policy recommendations for optimal micro-segmentation policies that save critical time, accelerate security workflows, and reduce the risk of human error.

Centralize policy creation with micro-segmentation

Coordinate enforcement of policy in the workload and network and through cloud security controls.

Encrypt data in motion—wherever it’s running

Include encryption of communications between cloud environments and private data centers with policy-based AES-256 IPsec encryption between any mix of Linux/Windows workloads or Linux/Windows workloads and VPN gateways.

Adapt policy to changes in each environment

Trigger automatic recalculation and distribution of policy across the application environment, updating policy enforcement at every application move, scale, or change or deploying with security in place—without the overhead of process.