Secure Your Client Data and
Protect Crown Jewel Applications

Clients now expect law firms to deploy measures to secure their most sensitive data. Managing security across heterogeneous systems with accountability while segmenting data for multiple clients poses many challenges—both technological and human.


The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP) prevents the spread of breaches by delivering real-time application dependency mapping and micro-segmentation. Law firms use Illumio to protect critical applications by disrupting the lateral movement of bad actors inside data centers and cloud environments.



Consistent policy to protect all data and systems per client audit standards

Law firms must prevent lateral movement between matters and clients, applying policy consistently across on-premise, virtual, and public/private cloud systems.

  • Application dependency map, Illumination, visualizes application traffic in real time, enabling teams to map control policies to secure data at a granular level across systems.

Defensible risk mitigation and accountability

Vulnerabilities and enforcement measures must be quantified, auditable, and easily mapped to demonstrate enforcement across systems to business users.

  • Vulnerability maps calculate an exposure score for identified vulnerabilities, letting you model policy based on the highest risk and receive live visual feedback to prevent applications from breaking with new policies.

Increased productivity and ease of use in demonstrating security posture

Clients now expect law firms to deploy operational and technical measures to secure their most sensitive data. The failure to protect client data may lead to attorney discipline or malpractice liability.

  • Policy Generator and Explorer help you design ideal micro-segmentation policies to prevent the spread of breaches, and offer live reporting to document adequate security posture.