Today’s security and operations teams lack visibility into their application environments, which are a complex web of connected relationships between devices, application components, and their underlying services. To fully understand risk and create the appropriate policies to enforce the desired state for protection, organizations need to clearly grasp these relationships.


Mapping application dependencies is a first step toward understanding risk, creating policy, and applying security. The Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP) highlights your environment’s application workloads and flows, creating a relational graph between components and visualizing relationships across your application environment.

Better Understand Risk

The Illumination® service gives you live visualization of the active connections across your application environment to improve the understanding of risk.

  • Gain a live map of all application components, services, ports and communications.
  • Uncover unexpected connections between application components, tiers, and/or environments.
  • Understand your attack surface, including necessary and unnecessary active connections.


Insights into application dependencies provide a view into the true nature of the application environment to aid in the creation of adaptive segmentation policies and enforce the desired state of interaction.

  • Create the appropriate level of adaptive segmentation policy with a better understanding of risk by combining insights into application value and activity.
  • Model and test your adaptive segmentation policies – with visual feedback on impact to the application environment – before enforcing them.

meet compliance Regulations

Are you confident you’re meeting compliance requirements for regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, and SOX? Illumio ASP gives you live visualization of application traffic in the regulated environment so you can understand workload interactions, evaluate security posture, and identify policy violations.

  • Confirm compliance visually to ensure requirements are met across all environments.
  • Pinpoint violations to focus efforts for quick resolution.
  • Use Illumio labels to write declarative natural language policies that are much easier to audit compared to the ACLs and firewall rules written with IP addresses and port details.


  • Multi-national companies that want to map their application environment to inform their segmentation strategy
  • Gaming companies that want to understand operations of applications in the cloud
How to Build a Micro-Segmentation Strategy

How to Build a


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