Secure a New Data Center With Micro-Segmentation

By employing micro-segmentation, organizations are able to secure a new data center that is a clean slate for application, network, and security architecture. Using traditional network-based solutions creates a model that limits flexibility and agility. Additionally, reliance on legacy firewalls, VLANs, subnets, and zones adds unnecessary cost and complexity and ultimately slows down organizations that are looking for the competitive advantages that deployment speed offers.


The Illumio Adaptive Security Platform® (ASP) eliminates infrastructure restrictions—decreasing the number of firewall rules inside the data center by more than 95 percent, simplifying the infrastructure—while providing integrated visualization, optimal micro-segmentation policy recommendations, and automation.



Remove enforcement complexity and increase flexibility

Separate security segmentation (access control lists) from network segmentation (VLANs and zones) to improve application delivery and security enforcement.

Focus on network performance and simplicity

Avoid the cost of re-architecting the network, as well as the manpower and overhead to administrate it, by eliminating constructs like VLANs, zones, overlays, subnets, or IP addresses.

Generate policy automatically for efficiency and consistency

Create optimal micro-segmentation policies quickly with Illumio Policy Generator's automated policy recommendations to save security teams critical time, accelerate security workflows, and reduce the risk of human error.

Enable security that moves at the speed of your business

Trade your restrictive network-based solution for the agility and flexibility of Illumio’s micro-segmentation with Zero Trust security, reducing firewall rules and network complexity by more than 95 percent.

Preview policy changes to eliminate disruption

Model micro-segmentation and visualize the impact on the application environment in real time to ensure policy effectiveness without breaking applications.