Secure Your Crown Jewel Applications and
Achieve Compliance

Airlines are subject to high burdens of proof in defending security postures and meeting various global standards, including protecting customer data, PCI, employee information, and running critical infrastructure. Airlines’ IT leaders are adopting Zero Trust or least-privilege security strategies and deploying segmentation as a foundational technology in their security architectures to prevent the spread of breaches and meet global regulatory requirements.

Illumio Core prevents the spread of breaches with real-time application dependency mapping and security segmentation. Airlines use Illumio to protect critical applications by disrupting the lateral movement of bad actors across any data center or cloud.


Apply consistent policy to secure all data and systems

Prevent unauthorized lateral movement between systems by applying enforcement consistently across data centers and clouds.

Gain visibility with application dependency maps

Illumio’s application dependency map, Illumination, visualizes application traffic in real time, enabling teams to map control policies to secure data at a granular level across systems and relationships.

Automate policy recommendations for fast, informed strategy

Create optimal segmentation policies quickly with automated policy recommendations to save security teams critical time; accelerate security workflows; and reduce the risk of human error.

Enable security that moves at the speed of your business

Align security to applications through integration with automation tools and security segmentation that changes dynamically across the environment.

Preview policy changes to eliminate service disruption

Model segmentation policies  and visualize the impact on the application environment in real time to ensure their effectiveness without breaking applications.

Generate defensible risk mitigation and compliance documentation

Detect, quarantine, and investigate anomalous connections and failed connection attempts while collecting evidence data for ad hoc security incident responses, compliance testing, and audits.

October 4, 2019

"Illumio provides a great way to visualize traffic flows. Takes the guessing out of game, key component of our security tool belt since it allows us to apply least access privilege to our workloads."

– Sr. IT Support Engineer, Transportation

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