Tech Field Day: Micro-Segmentation Masterpieces

Watch the live recording of Micro-Segmentation Masterpieces. After a look at Illumio's unique approach to securing workloads in the data center and cloud, we turn the page and show you why micro-segmentation with Illumio is the masterpiece you have been looking for...


Demo I: Don’t Terrorize Your Admins

Segmentation solved your security problems – did it cover the admins? Or did you leave them behind? See how Illumio makes it a win-win for users as well as security teams.


Demo II: The Rabbit Hole of Containers 

See how a disjointed approach to security in a hybrid world­ – mixing containers and non-containerized assets – can become an operational and security challenge.


Demo III: Adventures in Zero Trust 

Illumio makes it easy for everyone to participate in the tall task of operationalizing Zero Trust.