Hi{Account name}Tired of frequent agent updates and taking critical systems offline?

Easily upgrade {account name} deployment without taking business-critical systems offline with the Illumio Zero Trust Segmentation Platform.

Challenges organizations are facing with their current ZTS deployment

  • Vulnerability due to offline agents

    When an agent is offline, networks are left with no policy in place, making them vulnerable to security threats

  • Inability to build, model, and text draft rules

    Without the ability to visualize draft rules, it's difficult to roll back changes when needed

  • Weaker role-based access control (RBAC)

    Lack of clear role distinction between rule designers and implementers presents security risks and accountability challenges

  • Endpoint visibility and policy unpredictability

    While many vendors can handle server workloads well, they struggle to manage endpoints, especially when they're off network

  • Label sprawl creates difficult to manage policies

    Too many inconsistent labels lead to policy that is difficult to maintain and could cause policy gaps

  • Unreliable in-line agents

    In-line agents can weaken workload performance, open network vulnerabilities, and impact business continuity

How can Illumio help{Account name}

Illumio will enable you to stop ransomware and breaches from spreading to critical systems and data, preventing major business failures

  • Always-on protection

    Policies continue to be enforced even when agents are offline

  • Build, model, and test

    Visualize and draft rules to simplify pre-deployment construction and testing

  • RBAC separation of duties

    Clearly separate roles between rule designers and implementers

  • Stop ransomware for the hybrid environment

    Illumio's solution enforces policies in any environment, resolving issues of invisible endpoints and inconsistent policy implementation remotely.

  • Integration and Automation

    Pre-built label types provide best practice structure while allowing for flexibility to meet business requirements.

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One platform. One console. Any environment.

Protect your workloads and devices at any scale with the industry's first platform for breach containment.

  • See risk

    See risk by visualizing all communication and traffic between workloads and devices across hybrid environments, including which applications have open lines to the internet.

  • Set policy

    With every change, automatically set flexible segmentation policies that control communication between workloads and devices to only allow what is necessary and wanted.

  • Stop the spread

    Proactively isolate high-value assets or reactively isolate compromised systems during an active attack to stop the spread of ransomware and other cyberattacks.

The Illumio ZTS Platform

Aligned with your top cybersecurity initiatives

Enable Zero Trust

  • Maintain continuous, risk-based verification
  • Enforce least-privilege access
  • Gain comprehensive security monitoring
Visible traffic across all agent and agentless workload
Secure endpoint exposure

Contain ransomware in minutes

  • Stop ransomware from spreading
  • Identify areas of high risk
  • Build long-term protection

Strengthen cyber resilience

  • Quickly quarantine compromised systems
  • Implement granular controls to limit scope of attacks
  • Speed response with automated alerts
Block unnecessary connections automatically with Illumio Core
Traffic data informs secure network access rules.

Cloud security made easy

  • Identify risk by assessing current traffic patterns
  • Tighten security controls with rule recommendations
  • Protect data during cloud migration projects

Illumio is a Leader in Two Forrester Wave Reports

  • The Forrester New Wave™️: Microsegmentation
  • The Forrester Wave™ for Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem Platform Providers
Second forrester wave report
first forrester wave report

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