Privacy Statement

Purpose Type
To provide our products and services  Contact details (such as name, email, address, company name, phone number and other information necessary) to provide services to our clients and our client’s customers, including providing product support updates
To improve our products and services Contact details to conduct quality controls and evaluate the performance of our products and services, including conducting customer satisfaction surveys.
To conduct due diligence Contact details and publicly available information about financial or reputational status of a client or third party supplier/partner
To generate sales and marketing leads  Contact details, marketing preferences, publicly available social media information to maintain a client relationship management database and send relevant newsletters, solution updates, event notifications and other marketing communications
To customize user experience Contact details and information obtained through the use of digital collection tools such as cookies (for more information about the way we use cookies, click here)
To manage relationships with clients, suppliers and partners  Contact details and payment information in order to execute contracts, generate invoices and make payments
To respond to inquiries or requests for information Contact details for electronic communication
To secure our premises and networks  Contact details for authentication to use guest networks, collaboration tools and visit our offices; images captured through our video systems set up for security purposes in our offices.


Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions about our Privacy Policy.