Zero Trust Segmentation accelerates cybersecurity compliance

Visibility and segmentation are essential to achieving cybersecurity compliance

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It’s essential to comply with cybersecurity regulations 

Compliance regulations foster a culture of cybersecurity awareness and best practices. This strengthens organizations’ ability to withstand and respond to cyber threats. Some specific cybersecurity compliance requirements include PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NERC CIP, and GDPR. 

Cybersecurity compliance benefits your organization

  • Mitigate risks 

  • Protect data 

  • Maintain trust 

  • A lock imposed over a cloud

    Enhance overall cybersecurity posture 

Noncompliance is costly

  • Average additional cost to a data breach due to noncompliance

    Average additional cost to a data breach due to noncompliance

  • Average overall cost of data breach due to noncompliance

    Average overall cost of data breach in organizations with high levels of noncompliance

  • Increase in total data breach costs to noncompliant organizations

    Increase in total data breach costs to noncompliant organizations compared to compliant organizations

Achieving security compliance can be challenging

  • Complex regulatory requirements 

    With so many industry-specific and regional regulations, organizations often must comply with multiple requirements at once, each with its own set of controls and guidelines. 

  • Continuous evolution

    As cyber threats evolve, so do security regulations.  Organizations must stay up to date with the latest changes and adapt their security practices accordingly. 

  • Resource constraints 

    Compliance efforts often require a significant investment. Many organizations, especially smaller ones, may lack the resources needed to implement and maintain compliance.  

  • Scope and scale

    Organizations of different sizes and complexity have varying compliance scope. Larger, more complex organizations often face more challenges in achieving compliance. 

  • Legacy systems

    Legacy systems may not meet modern security requirements, making it difficult to achieve compliance without significant updates or replacements. They can also be expensive and time-consuming to upgrade or replace. 

What does cybersecurity compliance commonly require? 

While details can vary, many regulations share common requirements based on cybersecurity frameworks like the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, ISO/IEC 27001, and CIS Critical Security Controls.

These frameworks typically require:

  • Identify all assets and map interdependencies between them 
  • Protect assets from threats by containing the spread of an attack 
  • Detect unexpected behavior based on event data 
  • Respond to ongoing threats to minimize the impact 
  • Recover from an incident and restore the environment 
  • Minimize an attack’s impact on operations 

Simplify security compliance with Illumio

Illumio identifies where organizations are most exposed and, through Zero Trust Segmentation, drastically reduces both their exposed attack surface and the ability of an attacker to spread, all while minimizing the impact on operations.
  • Understand the scope

    Gain complete visibility of all resources and their interdependencies to establish a clear picture of what needs to be compliant.

  • Protect critical assets attack surface

    Leverage segmentation controls to proactively protect critical resources from unauthorized access and stop the spread of a breach.

  • Adapt in real time

    As your IT environment evolves, scale visibility and security policy dynamically to ensure continuous compliance.

The world’s largest organizations
stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

“Illumio has filled a gap for which there was previously no solution. In addition to meeting compliance regulations, we have seen drastic improvements in our overall security posture.”
Steffen Nagel

Head of IT
Frankfurter Volksbank

Illumio boosts security at Frankfurter Volksbank
“Illumio has automated our security compliance from traditional platforms to the cloud, allowing our big corporation to thrive faster.”
Assistant Director of Communications

Anonymous services organization

Illumio automates security compliance
“Segmentation became an imperative next step to mitigate risk and protect new and legacy workloads.  We needed a way to accurately identify, visualize, and control lateral traffic.”
Nathan Powell

IT Operations Manager

Illumio’s segmentation solution is imperative at Investa

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Minimize Impact. 

Increase Resilience.

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