Reduce vulnerability risk with Zero Trust Segmentation 

Illumio limits the risk of exploitation by providing actionable insights to stay ahead of evolving cyber threats

Unpatched systems leave you exposed

Legacy systems, often integral to an organization's operations, frequently contain outdated or unsupported software packages that make these systems particularly vulnerable. 
  • Complacency is costly

    Doing nothing can lead to unacceptable risk. 

  • Operations must continue

    Interrupting business-critical systems is not an option.

  • Patching takes time

    The list of systems needing patches stretches IT teams thin. 

One missed vulnerability can become a cyber disaster

New patches for known vulnerabilities are constantly being released. The roll out of even critical patches takes a median of 49 days leaving exposed workloads vulnerable for way too long.  

Prioritize and close high-risk vulnerabilities with Illumio 

Get actionable insights into which systems and applications are most at risk due to being overly exposed and easily reachable. Secure workloads in seconds – long before a patch is available and applied.

  • Quantify risk

    Gain network insights to effectively plan and execute your risk mitigation strategy.

  • A grid of interconnected squares, one set off to the side, highlighted, and with an exclamation mark

    Defend vulnerability proactively

    Segment high-risk assets to stop the spread of ransomware attacks and breaches.

  • Integrate seamlessly

    Effortlessly ingest vulnerability data to prioritize patching and segmentation at scale.

Modern organizations reduce their security risk with Illumio

Since implementing Illumio, we’ve taken 5,000 exploitable vulnerabilities down to 9 across seven high-value applications and hundreds of workloads.  Illumio has proven to be invaluable to our risk mitigation strategy.
Executive Manager

Large Insurance Company

The map grew legs when we overlaid vulnerability data from our scanner software. This allows us to see what applications are connecting to vulnerable ports, then make a business decision and a cyber decision to determine what needs to be closed.
Nick Venn

Global Collaboration & Cyber Infrastructure Manager

Segmentation became an imperative next step to mitigate risk and protect new and legacy workloads.  We needed a way to accurately identify, visualize, and control lateral traffic.
Nathan Powell

IT Operations Manager

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