Zero Trust Segmentation for government

Stop the spread of breaches and gain visibility across the hybrid attack surface

Illumio Government Cloud is now In-Process on the FedRAMP Marketplace

Ensure mission success with modern breach containment

Illumio ZTS contains breaches and stops lateral movement to help government teams perform their mission in the face of increasing adversary attacks.

Why Illumio?

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    Unparalleled visibility

    Gain a complete, detailed view of all traffic flows between workloads in seconds.

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    Consistent enforcement

    Implement uniform policy across hybrid environments without silos.

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    Enhance cyber resilience

    Contain and reduce the impact of breaches for uninterrupted mission execution.

Improve cyber resilience with Illumio

In this video, Gary Barlet, Illumio’s Government CTO and former CIO of the USPS OIG, explains how Illumio builds resilience and minimizes the impact of breaches for government.

How Illumio helps government agencies

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    Eliminate blind spots

    Visualize all communications and traffic between workloads across on-prem and cloud environments.

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    Prevent lateral movement

    Lower risk of adversaries accessing sensitive information by controlling east-west traffic.

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    Ringfence high-value assets

    Proactively control communications and isolate business-critical applications and environments.

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    Move securely to the cloud

    Whether a “lift and shift” or re-architecture, visibility and protection follow for mission continuity.

  • Ensure continuous protection

    Maintain protection in disconnected and air-gapped networks, even if access to Illumio is lost.

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    Control information sharing

    Restrict third-party access to only allow what is necessary and wanted within the environment.

Illumio certifications demonstrate our commitment to supporting regulatory compliance and meeting stringent product security requirements