Zero Trust Segmentation for environmental separation

Effortlessly separate environments in data centers, clouds, or hybrid networks with Illumio to reduce the attack surface

Logical network borders are disappearing

Without clear network borders, the inherent complexity of network security grows, making traditional security methods potentially ineffective and exposing systems to unforeseen risk. 
  • Fading perimeter defense

    Traditional barriers weaken as borders blur, making evasion easier for attackers. 

  • Multiplying blind spots

    Lost boundaries lead to fragmented visibility, preventing granular segmentation 

  • Rigid policies

    Static rule sets clash with modern networks that constantly change. 

Increased complexity equals increased costs

In complex environments, breaches can inflate costs by an additional $1.44 million, reaching a staggering total of $5.28 million.  

Simplify environmental separation with Illumio

  • Separate seamlessly

    Build policies that automatically adapt to each change in your environment.

  • A grid of interconnected squares, one set off to the side, highlighted, and with an exclamation mark

    Reduce the attack surface

    Prevent traffic from moving between hybrid environments without impacting operations.

  • A classic depiction of weighing scales

    Ensure compliance

    Meet regulatory or industry mandates without touching the network.

Modern organizations protect their high-value assets with Illumio

“I got a tremendous amount of insight into our environment and the traffic flows I needed to understand in order to even begin thinking about building policies. The adage that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ definitely applied.”
Tim Francis

IT Manager

“Illumio gives us an invaluable holistic view of traffic across our data center and multi-cloud environments — with vastly more information than a collection of tools amounted to previously.”
Ryan Fried

Senior Security Engineer,
Brooks Sports, Inc.

Ready to simplify your environmental separation?