Zero Trust Segmentation from Managed Service Providers (MSP)

Expand your services business with Illumio's purpose-built Zero Trust Segmentation technology that fits seamlessly into any security stack

Expand your services business with Illumio's purpose-built Zero Trust Segmentation.

Discover immediate value designed for MSPs

  • Deploy Zero Trust controls in hours

    Protect your customers from all types of cyberattacks in record time.

  • Manage customer tenants with ease

    Create, delete, or edit accounts directly in the Illumio UI.

  • Take advantage of flexible plans

    Service offerings include monthly billing and are tailored to meet unique needs.

Become a trusted advisor on Zero Trust Segmentation

Your customers rely on you to keep them safe and recommend the best technology. While breaches are inevitable, cyber disasters are not. Stop breaches from turning into catastrophes and avoid devastating downtime with Illumio.

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    Protect critical assets

    Protect the most important data and applications with the leader in Zero Trust Segmentation.

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    Stop ransomware spread

    Block ransomware from propagating within your customer environment without touching their network.

  • A laptop displaying interconnected fields of data

    Prevent lateral movement

    Proactively prevent lateral movement between devices, leaving ransomware and other attacks with nowhere to go.

  • Illustration of an eyeball

    Gain continuous visibility

    Secure distributed environments with critical visibility into device traffic on or off the corporate network.

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    Meet compliance demands

    Comply with cyber insurance carriers’ requirements for implementing Zero Trust Segmentation

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    Segment anywhere

    Take control of network traffic and deploy segmentation without making any network modifications.

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