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Zero Trust Segmentation is the fundamental building block of any security strategy

Zero Trust Segmentation is the fundamental building block of any security strategy

Being able to map all of your connections and apply a least privilege model to control the flow of traffic drastically improves your security posture.

It’s relevant to the success of key strategic cyber initiatives, enables a multitude of common use cases and is foundational to achieving the security goals across a range of industries.

The world’s largest organizations
stop breaches from spreading with Illumio

Illumio — it’s like oxygen. I don’t even know what life is like without Illumio.
Charles Francis

Director of Security Engineering,
Oracle NetSuite

...with Illumio, we had production assets enforced and under control in months, fulfilling our need to move faster and further our Zero Trust posture.
Andrew Dell


Andrew Dell
Together with Illumio, we are helping our customers adopt Zero Trust solutions that enable them to address today’s complex cybersecurity challenges.
Michael Wolkowicz

VP of Cyber Security for the Americas,
BT Security

Illumio is a strategic partner in our Zero Trust journey...Illumio Core will only further our ability to create and enforce modern security policy and transition parts of our business to the cloud with confidence and at hyper-scale.
Jessica Ferguson


See how Illumio supports essential cyber programs

  • Cloud security

    Eliminate blind spots and secure your multi-cloud.

  • Cyber resilience

    Deliver intended business outcomes despite cyberattacks.

  • Ransomware containment

    Stop ransomware from stopping your business.

  • Zero Trust

    Accelerate business transformation by adopting Zero Trust.

Zero Trust Segmentation tailored to your security challenges

Every industry benefits from Zero Trust Segmentation